Since 2000, New York Hoist, LLC strives to provide quality, innovative and unique solutions for our customers' complex hoist and rigging jobs by combining skilled licensed personnel with an extensive fleet of specialized hoisting, crane, trucking and rigging equipment. Our full-service, family-owned and operated company delivers customized solutions to satisfy your specific requirements by offering a wide range of services from bare hoist rental to specialized hoist installations in front, rear, sides, court yards, and on top of existing, new buildings. We provide hoist equipment from 4000 to 10,000 lb capacities and lengths from 6 feet to 16 feet: heights from 7.5 feet to 11 feet and widths from 4 feet wide 5 feet 6 inches wide.

Our three most valuable resources are our equipment, services and employees and through them we provide a completely managed solution. Our methodology involves free estimation and value engineering consultation and an extensive review focused on preparation, planning, and engineering for hoist operations. A complete understanding of our customer requirements and needs enables New York Hoist, LLC to execute services safely, on schedule and meet customer requirements.

Our experienced, licensed employees are among the best in the industry and our specialized equipment is unsurpassed, both determined and designed to carry out even the toughest hoist jobs. We specialize in providing a completely scalable product that will satisfy the most demanding environments. Multiple hoist cars in different capacities and sizes to meet any job specific requirement.